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  1. - Responsible for driving traffic into stores on a daily basis.

    - Trade Area mapping
    - understand and map the traffic generators of each trade area.

    - Trade Area activation planning – developing and proposing activation ideas for both nationwide, city wide and district wide activation programs

    - Managing and monitor all Marketing activities which happened within in-charge trading area

    - Work closely with Marketing Team overhead to execute nation-wide promotion.

    - Work with landlord, create relationship with community to facilitate Marketing program.

    Education/ Training Qualifications (i.e: university degree, college, etc)

    - University degree, preferably with marketing focus.

    - Prefer Operation experience.
    Experience (years of experience e.g.: 2 year of experience in similar position)

    - Experience in promoting / selling

    - Experience in retail desirable

    - Experience in planning, presenting
    Knowledge of:

    - Selling

    - Creative Development

    - Managing teams

    - Coordination of multiple projects
    Skills (Ability to):

    - React with speed (and sound judgment)

    - Analyze effectiveness of budget spend versus results

    - Deliver projects on time

    - Build solid relationships internally and externally

    - Operate as individual and in team environment

    - Excellent written and verbal skills in Vietnamese and English
    Working hours:
    Working hours:
    - Flexibility depending on job requires.

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